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                        Message to Investors

We AmospotiXTRA  Would like to invite  your company to invest in our start up media company. We are launching new Turnkey Television ( Television Channel) in East Africa market with the intention to spread across the Africa..


As a company we are looking at growing and becoming one of the  major and profitable media company in many African countries . We see that there is huge potential and opportunities for the kind of services and products which we will offer.The company has a global vision for growth.

We as a company are open for the following options of legal investment options into the company through:


  • Invest into the company through partnership program option by bringing in funds for certain period of time.

  • Invest into the company for specific period of time

  • Invest into the company through Venture capital options

  • Invest into the company through Private Equity options 

  • Want to help us bring AmospotiXTRA brand to more homes in Africa? Just send us an email. We are looking forward to hear from you!


+255 656 019 823

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