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Founder and CEO of AMOSHAINI

AMOSHAINI  is a lifestyle brand that offer leisure apparel and accessories  for men,women and children including t-shirts ,hoodies,sweatshirts,Joggers,Scarves and headbands among other items.

Amoshaini launched their first  printed t-shirts with brand  name amospoti.

According to the founder of Amoshaini Mr Amos Medeck he said: Lack of capital to fund my website swahili sports news drove me to come up with the idea of selling t shirts with AMOSPOTI logo,Thanks to my family members and friends who supported early days of my business by purchasing them and today we have large number of customers world.


The E-commerce platform is unlimited to reach customers and amoshaini is conquering the world of fashion easily by launching this site to reach as many as customers as  we can

Our Vision 

To become world class brand by providing quality and affordable apparel through  e commerce platform

Our Mission

 To ensure we offer quality products , creating customer loyalty and trust by delivering on time whatever they orders,

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